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Enigma Technologies - Kingscliff

What we do?



Home Computer Service

Enigma Technologies can help you with any aspect of your home technology.  We offer a mobile service, where one of our experienced engineers will visit your home, or if you prefer you can drop into our office for workshop service on your device.

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Small Business Services

We can provide expert and customised support for your small or home based business.   We understand that no one business is the same, and every business requires service that is appropriate for their needs and helps grow their business.  We can help you get the most out of your computer systems.

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Managed services and helpdesk

Enigma Technologies can completely manage your computer systems.  We use advanced technology to constantly monitor your computers and network devices, automatically taking proactive actions to resolve any issues your technology may have.  This ensures minimal downtime for your IT systems.

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Project and third party services

We are agents for a number of national service providers such as AWA, Information Management Integrations (IMI).  Through this we provide resources for project work for clients such as Coles, McDonalds, Commonwealth Bank, NAB, ANZ, and Kmart.  We also provide service work for HP, Lexmark, Telstra, Acer and Kodak. 

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What can we do for your business?


  • Office 365 Migrations

    Let us show you the benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 email platform, and manage your migration to a robust industry recognised email platform.

  • Managed Services

    Enigma Technologies can provide industry leading managed services for your network.  Our specialist software and experienced engineers take manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

  • Cloud Backup

    We can set you up with a cloud backup service, which will mean that your business critical files are backed up to a secure cloud based service, automatically!

  • Microsoft Sharepoint

    Our engineers can set you up with an industry leading Microsoft Sharepoint solution, which will mean that wherever you are in the world you will always have access to your business critical files.

  • Remote Support

    Our managed clients can enjoy instant remote support via our specialised dashboard, meaning issues can be resolved quickly and with the minimum amount of downtime.

Call us now on 1300 55 9495